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Wing Portioner

Our wing portioner can segment up to 60 wings per minute into 3 pieces, flat, drumette and wing tip.

  • Sanitary easy to clean design

  • Stainless-steel and USDA approved poly materials

  • Stainless-steel motor and gearbox

  • Stainless-steel Nema 4 control panel

  • Control system includes VFD and remote mount on/off and E-stop

  • Safety covers with micro switch

  • Capacity of 60 wings per minute

  • Includes diverter chutes and tote holders.

Wings are loaded onto a rotating wheel where they pass over fixed blades and directed onto chutes to keep different products separated. Left, right and mixed wings can be loaded onto the same machine.

With its sanitary, safe, and ergonomic design, the CMS wing portioner is a great addition to any processors Cut-Up Systems.

Product Specifications


60 wings per minute (depending on operator skill level)








375 lbs

Installed Power

1 HP