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Tote/Lid Washer

CMS ETL-6500

  • The machine is entirely built from quality stainless
    steel 304.
  • It consists of 3 washing zones and it is controlled by a quality Siemens PLC controller board.
  • The ETL-6500 has a washing capacity of 900 totes / lids per hour.

Pre Wash Zone

In this zone the totes and lids are brought in, and the heaviest residue is removed first. The spraying bars are equipped with a large number of spray nozzles. The spraying pattern of the nozzles is configured to reach maximum results. Water is supplied through a powerful and energy efficient recirculation pump. Before the water runs back into the tank to be re-used, a rotating drum strainer ensures it is thoroughly filtered. The tank itself is constructed with a slanting bottom, enabling a good flow of water towards the drain when emptied.

Main Wash Zone

The totes and lids now follow their way into the main wash zone. In this zone they are thoroughly cleaned with a large quantity of water, which is mixed with detergent that is added into the washing tank to optimize the cleaning result. The dosing of the detergent is adjustable. Before the water runs back into the tank to be re-used, a perforated drawer strainer ensures it is filtered.

After Rinse Zone

In the after rinse zone the remains of the wash water and detergent are rinsed off from the totes and lids by means of fresh water, combined with a rinse aid detergent and are ready for reuse.

Product Specifications

Machine capacity

900 totes / lids per hour

Machine length


Machine width


Tank capacity

258 gal – 129 gal per tank


2 x 9,2 kW

Total nozzles


Nozzles for Totes


Nozzles for lids