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Sticker Removal

  • We have developed a special dirt killer, which is perfect for removing stickers from all sorts of load carriers. The sticker removal system is fed by a separate high-pressure pump, which feeds the dirt killers.
  • The dirt killers are very easy to align because they are mounted on an adjustable plate. A rotating dirt filter with a very fine drum filter ensures that all sticker residues are filtered out of the water before this water is re-used.

The Standard Operation

Rotating Microfilter

Rotating Microfilter

The well thought-out filter system with the very fine microfilter ensures that the washing water is supplied free from dirt.

Operation Controls


The special dirt killers remove the sticker and adhesive residues from the crates under high pressure.

Complete sticker and residue removal


Our sticker removal system is a result-based and fully automatic way to remove stickers and sticker residues.