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Sole Disinfection and Hand Disinfection

  • The DZD-HDT is time-efficient, because disinfecting the soles and hands takes place at the same time. As the disinfection bath is topped-up automatically, the unit has no down-time and is economical in the use of chemicals.
  • After the hands are disinfected, the turnstile is released and access to the next room is possible. Splash protection prevents the space around the DZD from getting a mess.

Product Specifications


Automatic refreshing of the disinfection bath
Stainless steel
Reduced risk of infection
Adjustable two-sided chemical dosing
Chemical level indicator
Drip-off zone
Hygienic design

Our Versions

Disinfection bath 500 mm
Article number (R): 83203080
Article number (L): 83203090
Disinfection bath 1000 mm
Article number (R): 83203000
Article number (L): 83203020
Disinfection bath 1500 mm
Article number (R): 83203040
Article number(L): 83203060

Options & Accessories

Built-In Model
Can be connected to a centralized chemical supply

Product Videos