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Pipeline Metal Detector

We offer a full line of reliable metal detectors to meet your inspection needs for raw poultry.

These robust, durable metal detectors are used in inline conveying systems to detect ferrous and non ferrous metals in poultry products allowing the processor to maximize safety and quality.


  • New advanced modular control system

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • Large color HMI controlled touchscreen

  • Dual frequency selecting functions

  • Advanced dual channel check system

  • Auto balance technology ensures stability

  • Digital control mainboard for stable operation

  • Auto program settings for easy operation

  • Large storage space for programs and records

  • Detects both magnetic and nonmagnetic metals

  • Advanced intelligent algorithm functions

  • Visual alarm

Product Specifications

Detection Sensitivity (without product)

Ferrous ≥ 1.0 – 1.2mm; Non-Ferrous ≥ 2.0mm


Valve automatically rejects

Pressure Requirements

≥ 0.5Mpa


Temperature 10-40°c, humidity less than 85% (avoid freezing condensation.)

Power Supply

AC 110v


CE ISO9001


• Variable speed controls
• IP69
• Optional audible alarm
• Designed to customer specifications