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Bird Scrubbers

The Bird Scrubbers BS-6 and BS-8 are designed for picking and evisceration lines in chicken and turkey plants.

  • Easy-to-clean design and simple mounting structure
  • Valuable addition to any facility’s efforts for bacterial reduction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel motors and gearboxes
  • Designed with simple adjustments and low maintenance costs in mind
  • Scrubbers available in differing lengths and brush configurations
  • Effective in removing debris and fecal matter from the bird
  • Available with anti-microbial brushes

Bird Scrubber BS-6 and BS-8

Designed with simple adjustments and low maintenance costs in mind, the scrubbers are available in different lengths and brush configurations. When these Bird Scrubbers are added to the picking line, they are extremely effective in removing fecal material and debris from the bird before entering the scalder, thereby helping to reduce the bacteria load in the scalder. When used on an evisceration line with anti-microbial brushes scrubbing the bird, they also aid in further removing fecal and other contaminants.

Product Specifications


BS-6 has 3 brushes/side; BS-8 has 4 brushes/side

Motor Size

Two – 1 hp, 230/460V 60hz

Connection Size

1/2″ NPT female

Water Volume

30 gpm at 60PSI

Spray Jets

26 – 5010 stainless steel