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Bin Washer

  • The installation is constructed of solid plates and profiles of stainless steel 304. The cabinet is easy to clean. By a large door the inside is well accessible for internal cleaning.
  • The tank is constructed with a slanting bottom, enabling a quick flow of water towards the drain when emptied.
  • At the back of the cabinet are drive of spraying arms, pump and eventually dosing pump in a blocked room. By removable hatches this room is accessible.

Additional information


Energy efficient
After rinse program with clean water
After rinse with clean water
Adjustable washing program


Dimensions of the norm trolley according DIN 9797:
790 x 675 x 700 mm (lxwxh)
790 x 675 x 950 mm (lxwxh)

Our Versions

Capacity: max. 20 standard cars per hour
Main wash and rinse zone
Article number: 83103005
Capacity: max. 60 standard cars per hour
Pre-wash, main wash and rinse zone
Article number: 83103250

Options & Accessories

Dosing Pump
Vapor Extraction
Steam Injection
Hot Water Coil
Electric Body

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